Singapore International Graduate Award 2023 – 24 | SINGA Scholarship

Singapore International Graduate Award 2023 – 24 | SINGA Scholarship

Besides being a technologically advanced country, Singapore is a hub for quality education and a dream place for international students. However, affording education in Singapore is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s an expensive country if you don’t have a scholarship in hand. Among all the scholarship options available in Singapore for international students, SINGA Scholarship ranks at the top.

Singapore International Graduate Award is a scholarship award offered for doctoral students aspiring to pursue their graduate studies in top-notch universities in Singapore. Applications for this scholarship for the 2023 – 2024 intake are open. Let’s get into the complete details of this scholarship opportunity.

General Details

Host Country: Singapore

Host Universities: Multiple universities (Full details mentioned below)

Funded by: A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology & Research

Degree Level: PhD (Doctoral study programs)

Number of Scholarships: Approximately 240 per year

Scholarship Type: Fully-funded and Merit-based

Scholarship Duration: up to 4 years

Scholarship Intakes: August and January

Deadline: June 1, 2023 for the upcoming intake

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Eligibility Requirements for SINGA Scholarship

SINGA scholarship award has the following set of eligibility requirements:

  • You must be an international student studying in Singapore for the first time.
  • Singaporeans citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and International students studying or who have studied in tertiary institutions of Singapore before are not eligible.
  • You must have a bachelors degree in relevant field with excellent academic record and a passion for research.
  • You must have good skills in written and spoken English. You can show your language proficiency with a relevant certificate or with your language skills in the interview. However, specific universities that you’re applying for might ask you for specific language proficiency certificates.
  • You must have good reports/letters of recommendation (LORs) from academic referees.

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Research Areas in SINGA Scholarship

SINGA supports doctoral studies in a wide range of research areas related to the following fields:

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Computing and Information Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology

The specific research areas and topics that you’ll get funding in will mainly depend on the participating universities and research institutions there in Singapore. You can explore the websites of individual universities and research institutions for available PhD programs, areas, topics, and supervisors. You’ll be asked to indicate your preferences of supervisor during the application process, especially in the online application form.

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Host Universities and Research Institutes in SINGA Scholarship

You can get admission and a SINGA scholarship award in only the following universities and research institutes. Each of the university/institute has information regarding PhD research areas, projects and supervisors that you can choose from.

Financial Coverage/Benefits of SINGA Scholarship

As mentioned before, SINGA is a fully funded scholarship award that covers all of your expenses during your PhD studies in Singapore for up to 4 years. It also provides you with a monthly stipend. The complete financial coverage can be broken down into the following aspects:

  • All of your tuition fee will be exempted.
  • Your initial monthly stipend will be S$ 2,200 that will then be increased to S$2,700 when you pass the Qualifying Examination.
  • You’ll receive a one-time airfare grant up to S$1,500.
  • You’ll also get a one-time settling-in allowance of S$1,000.

An estimated monthly cost of living in Singapore for international students is S$1400 to S$2000 as per the stats given by A*STAR.

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How to Apply for SINGA Scholarship in Singapore?

The application process for Singapore International Graduate Award is completely online. The whole process can be done in the following steps:

1. Browse and Select Your Prospective Research Project

First of all, you will have to go through the websites of above given research areas. Then list down down the PhD research projects that you’re interested in.

2. Prepare Your Documents

Before starting your online application, make sure to prepare the required documents in advance. You can check out the list of documents that you’ll need during the application process. You don’t need to mail any hard copy copy of your documents to SINGA office. The documents should only be submitted online as per their guidelines in the application portal.

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3. Apply on the Online Portal

Once you’re ready with your documents and have selected your research project, register an account on A*STAR Scholarship Application Portal. Account registration is quite simple and easy to follow on their website. Make sure you provide all your information accurate on the application portal.

After logging in, you’ll see all the available scholarships. Select the option – “Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)” – in the application portal. Provide all the necessary information and upload the required documents.

The application will be complete and processed once your referees submit their online recommendation reports before the deadline. Therefore, you must start your application process as early as possible. You can access the scholarship application portal via the following link button:

You’ll be notified of your result within 12 weeks from the application closing date only if you’re shortlisted.

Required Documents for Application Process of SINGA

You’ll need the following educational documents during the online application process of this scholarship:

  • A copy of your passport or identity card
  • All academic transcripts, reports and documents translated into English
  • 2 letters of recommendation (LORs) from academic referees
  • A recent passport size picture (only in .png or .jpeg format)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • English Proficiency Certificate and GRE scores (if needed by a specific university)
  • Any other relevant certificates (Volunteer Experience, Work/Research Experience, Achievements etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration for SINGA scholarship?

The scholarship is awarded for the complete timeline of your PhD studies in Singapore. SINGA awardees normally complete their doctoral studies in 4 years.

How many scholarship intakes are there in one year?

There are two intakes for SINGA scholarship each year: August intake and January intake.

What are the selection criteria for SINGA scholarship?

SINGA is a merit-based scholarship. The applicants are selected based on their academic records, publications, recommendations letters/reports from academic referees, personal achievements, research skills and interview if shortlisted.

Can I apply without a passport?

No, you cannot apply without having a valid passport. You will need to provide your passport details and upload its copy during the application process.

If I have not completed my bachelors/masters studies, can I apply for SINGA?

Yes, you may still apply if you haven’t completed your bachelors/masters studies by providing a provisional degree certificate, latest transcripts and a letter from your university, indicating that you’re currently studying and are expected to graduate by the given timeline.

Will my university admission be separately considered if I am not awarded SINGA?

If you wish to be considered separately for a specific university admission, you’d need to apply to both SINGA and the university parallelly at the same time. However, if you only apply to SINGA and are selected, you will not need to submit a separate application for your university admission.

How are the interviews conducted if you are shortlisted for SINGA?

SINGA typically conducts interviews for shortlisted candidates virtually, either through Zoom or Skype. There are no face-to-face interviews.

Is there any age limit for SINGA?

No, there is no such age limit for SINGA scholarship applicants. Though this scholarship is targeted at younger applicants, mature applicants with relevant research experience are also considered for selection.

Can SINGA scholarship be availed for PhD studies in Business Management, Humanities, etc.?

SINGA only supports PhD studies in the field of Science, Engineering and Technology. The scholarship cannot be availed for PhD studies in Business Management, Humanities, Architecture and Finance, etc.

Can I do part-time jobs in Singapore during my PhD studies?

Since SINGA is a fully-funded scholarship, you will not be allowed and you won’t need to take up part-time jobs during your PhD studies in Singapore.

Can I work in Singapore after graduation?

Yes, if you’re keen to work in Singapore, you can avail many career opportunities as an international PhD graduate. However, working after graduation is not mandated by SINGA scholarship. It will all depend on your choice and preferences.

If you have any further queries, you can contact SINGA via email at

Kindly share this post with your friends and fellow students who are eligible for this scholarship. Stay connected with us on our social media channels for regular updates on such scholarship opportunities. Wishing you all the best with your application process.

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