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Saltire Scholarship in Scotland 2021

The Scottish government is offering Saltire Scholarship for the academic year 2021. If you are looking for a master’s scholarship, this can be an incredible opportunity for you to study in a country with world-leading universities.

Whether your area of study is Science and Technology or Healthcare and Medical Sciences, Creative industries or Renewable energy, you can get the Saltire Scholarship to finance your master’s program in Scotland. As an awardee of the scholarship, you will become an ambassador of not only the Saltire Scholarship program, but also for your home country and Scotland.

Let’s dive into further details for this scholarship.

General Details

Host Country: Scotland

Funded by: Scottish Government

No of scholarships: 50

Scholarship Duration: One year

Degree Level: Master’s and Doctorate

Deadline for Applications: May 28, 2021


Eligibility Criteria of Saltire Scholarship

  • The candidate must have a conditional or unconditional offer of study in an eligible course at a Scottish University. The course may be delivered physically in Scotland, via online/distance learning, or a combination of both.
  • Must be a citizen of Pakistan, India, Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, or Japan.
  • Be able to meet the costs of living in Scotland and cover expenses other than the tuition fee.
  • Not have been an awardee of Saltire Scholarship before.
  • Not have previously studied in Scotland.
  • Fulfill the language requirements of the respective course.
  • Have an interest in studying in Scotland.
  • Have the aspiration to study and work in a global context with the necessary interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.

Scholarship Benefits

Saltire scholarship will offer you £8000 towards the tuition fee for any one year of your full-time study on a master’s program at a Scottish University.

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How to apply for Saltire Scholarship?

To apply for the Scottish Government’s Saltire Scholarship, you must choose your university and program of interest. After you have the acceptance (a conditional or unconditional acceptance offer of a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course), you will then have to apply through the official portal for the Saltire Scholarship. The link to the portal is given below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas of studies does this scholarship cover?

Saltire Scholarship covers the following areas of studies:

1) Science

2) Technology

3) Healthcare and Medical Sciences

4) Renewable and Clean Energy

5) Creative Industry

Which subjects can I study on Saltire Scholarship?

You have a wide range of subjects across all the Scottish Universities to study on the Saltire Scholarship. The following list can give you a good hint but you must check the website of your target institution to see what courses are covered.
Here it goes:

1) Science

• Environment
• Earth Sciences
• Geology
• Energy
• Botany
• Zoology
• Weather and climate

2) Technology

• Engineering
• Software
• Systems
• Computers
• Multimedia
• Bioinformatics

3) Healthcare and Medical Sciences

• Biology
• Life Sciences
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biotechnology
• Astronomy

4) Clean and Renewable Energy

• Sustainable Energy
• Biofuels
• Hydro / Wind / Solar / Tidal Power

5) Creative Industries

• Film
• Animation
• Design
• Journalism
• Computer Games / Arts
• Fashion

What are some of the universities in Scotland for Saltire Scholarship?

Scotland is home to some of the top-notch universities. Following is the list of universities where you can get Saltire Scholarship:

• Abertay University 

• The University of Edinburg

• Glasgow School of Art

• Heriot-Watt University

• Robert Gordon University

• Queen Margaret University

• Edinburgh Napier University

• Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

• SRUC Scotland’s Rural College

• University of Aberdeen

• University of St Andrews

• University of Dundee

• University of Glasgow

• University of Stirling

• University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

• University of Strathclyde

• University of the West of Scotland

Are the scholarships offered only to specific countries?

Yes, the scholarships are only offered to citizens of:

• Pakistan

• Canada

• Japan

• India

• China


I am a citizen of one of the six countries but I live elsewhere. Can I apply for saltire scholarship?

Yes, you can still apply for the scholarship if you meet all other eligibility criteria and you are not resident in the UK.

What about the remaining tuition fee and other living expenses?

Any additional costs and expenses will be your responsibility.

Can I get the scholarship if I study online from home?

Yes, the scholarship is also available for online/distance learning from home.

Can I get the scholarship if I study part-time?

No, the scholarship is only for full-time study.

The course I’m taking is a two-years program, will I get the scholarship for both years?

No, the scholarship is only for one year.

I was an awardee of the Saltire Scholarship, can I apply again?

No, the Saltire Scholarship is only awarded once.

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