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Ansys Innovation Courses | Free Online Physics and Engineering Courses

In this post, we are going to know about the Ansys Innovation Courses which are free online courses related to Physics and Engineering. Let’s dive right in.

About Ansys and its Free Innovation Courses

Since its foundation in 1970, Ansys has been widely known for developing engineering simulation and 3D design software for product design, testing and operation. Its Finite Element Analysis software is extensively used to simulate computer models of electronics, machine components and structures, and to analyze their different engineering attributes.

Apart from being a software-based company that provides its products and services to clients worldwide, Ansys also offers a top-notch learning platform where they provide free Ansys Innovation Courses for students, educators and engineers. These are award-winning online courses mainly related to Physics and Engineering. With these courses, Ansys is reshaping how engineering students learn the concepts and principles of Physics.

Video about Ansys Innovation Courses by the YouTube Channel of Ansys Learning

Ansys Innovation Courses are self-paced courses that you can take to deepen your understanding of various subjects related to Physics and Engineering. Each course includes video tutorials, short quizzes, handouts and homework problems for practice. The online video lectures are insightful, engaging and comprehensive. All the instructors are subject matter experts with proven working and teaching experience in their domains. They have used real-world simulation case studies in their lectures to teach you some of the most complicated physics concepts in practical and efficient ways.

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These free online courses also include several courses from the academic partners of Ansys like the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and Cornell University.

“In these uncertain times, remote learning has become the new normal. Ansys Innovation Courses empower students to supplement their traditional education, take control of their own learning and rapidly absorb Physics concepts. Merging the two worlds of Physics theory instruction with simulation delivers a dynamic new way for students to learn — both at the grassroots undergraduate level and for engineers seeking to refresh their skillsets.”

Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer at Ansys and Executive Sponsor of the Ansys Academic Program

“Ansys Innovation Courses provide the students with a unique online learning environment that no textbook can match. I am so proud to contribute to this important initiative through the development of electromagnetics instruction materials. Supplementation of lecture material with animations and demonstrations that leverage cutting-edge Ansys simulations enables the students to fully grasp these fundamental principles, and their applications to solving today’s engineering challenges.”

Kathryn Leigh Smith, Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNCC

Number of Offered Courses

These online courses by Ansys cover a wide range of Physics and Engineering subjects. There are a total of 28 courses related to Fluids, 41 courses related to Structures, 13 courses related to Photonics, one course related to Materials, 13 courses related to Electronics, and 6 STEM courses. All of them are FREE.

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How to enroll in the Ansys Innovation Courses?

To enroll in the Ansys Innovation Courses, you just need to sign up on their website. You can do that using your email address. After signing up, you can take any course at your pace.

There’s also an Ansys Learning Forum on the website where you can get answers for your queries and take part in courses related discussions. On top of that, you can also take advantage of their free student software for your homework, competitions and capstone projects. This can really help you develop your software skills alongside the theoretical stuff.

Don’t miss out on these valuable courses. Even though they won’t cost you a penny, they are worth more than the paid ones. You can access them using the following link button:

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